Workflow Templates

Document Management

Capture, track and store electronic documents such as PDFs, MS Office files and scanned images
Manage your digital documents that is full-text searched and available 24/7

Asset / Inventory Management

Track and manage the lifecycle of all company assets
Maintain detailed records from acquisition to retirement, including maintenance histories

Automobile Management

Schedule and manage inventory of the vehicle fleet
Manage maintenance requirements, inspections and location of vehicles

Contract Management

Manage complete lifecycle from contract draft creation through execution
Maintain versioning, timeframes, approvals, and alerts never missing a deadline

Corporate Compliance

Monitor, track and audit business operations for risk assessment and compliance
Align processes with applicable legal, industry and security requirements and policies

Human Resources

Automate applicant tracking and onboarding with centralized searchable storage for employee documents
Manage, maintain compliance and completed forms and related processes throughout employee lifecycle

Grant Management

Identify, track and analyze grant life cycles
Manage fulfilment of the requirements, follow-ups, disbursements, and timely communications

Invoice Management

Track invoices of vendors, dates received, check pickup, accountable departments, GL entries
Customizable to handle line items, upload of invoice documents and track expenses

Issues Management

Register, organize, track, and manage discovered issues or reported problems internally or externally
Collaborate with concerned teams or departments to help resolve and track the issues

Policy Management

Automate the entire policy and procedure process: adding/revising, approvals, and notifications for review
Access the most up-to-date policies at any time by employees

Material and Purchasing Services

Manage the process of researching, selecting, ordering, paying for materials required
Manage cost and quality through supply chain with help of routing collaboration and reporting

Risk Management

Assign responsibility to the risk categories of clinical, regulatory, environmental and privacy
Review and collaborate to administer the necessary actions for identification, analysis, response
Plan and monitoring

Event Management

Manage attendees, participation, speakers, rooms and exhibitors
Collaborate and report on event schedules for event organizers and participants


Manage and administer professional licensure, certifications and documents
Stay compliant with use of automated workflows, paperwork administration and system reminders