Quick, Easy, and Secure Business Process Management Solution

AffableBPM SaaS solution eliminates manual tasks and optimizes end-to-end administrative business processes through automation.

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Traditional business processes can be costly and hard to manage.

How manual processes are hurting your business

    • Non-compliance risks
    • Resource-intensive tasks
    • Dispersed data across multiple sources (paper, emails, spreadsheets, etc.)
    • Potential loss of data and disrupted processes

Potential consequences for your business

    • Fines and legal risks
    • Decreased productivity
    • Higher operating and storage costs
    • Dissatisfied customers

Boost Productivity and Reduce Costs

Automation that Streamlines and Modernizes Workflows and Business Processes.

Customers can easily customize and configure workflows that reduces paper, effortlessly manages documents, maintains high quality control, maximizes team communications, and reduces risks; all resulting in quick return on investment.

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Scale Automation Safely and Meet Compliance Requirements

Microsoft Azure Cloud provides a secure cloud foundation that reduces cost and complexity.

The AffableBPM solution centralizes, and optimizes manual workflows to meet required standards, such as HIPAA and CFR. This ensures full transparency, quick proper approvals, and the capability to perform audits through activity trail logs that meet industry compliance.

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Make More Informed Decisions and Increase Revenue

Access Business Insights & Real Time Analytics through Dynamic Reporting and Visual Dashboards

Uncover business insights on rich informational and customizable dashboards that gives business decision makers and team members the ability to manage operations more effectively. Real time reporting creates opportunities for team members to work better together.

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