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AffableBPM solutions will advance your business to the next level! Regardless of industry, we’ll help you easily automate key processes, improve productivity, and meet regulatory compliance with confidence.​


AffableBPM optimizes operational processes for Healthcare organizations. Easily automate your processes while maintaining compliance at every stage - prepare, capture, manage, review, approve, and distribute. Our easy to follow process offers tools to expertly execute with confidence – workflows, e-signature, real time analytics and visual dashboards.

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Realize your Vision Non Profit

AffableBPM provides nonprofit organizations industry-leading technology solutions to further your mission’s impact. Having centralized and optimized business processes supports critical nonprofit needs such as growing donor support, volunteer mobilization, and expanding your community influence.

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Operational Excellence for Higher Education

AffableBPM provides higher education organizations solutions that will eliminate manual processes. Automate employee administration tasks and improve student application and scheduling programs with modern workflows.

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Modernize Legal Business Processes AffableBPM automates your legal operational process workflows to streamline document management and approvals while reducing risk and maintaining compliance.

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