Operational Excellence for Higher Education

AffableBPM provides higher education organizations solutions that will eliminate manual processes. Automate employee administration tasks and improve student application and scheduling programs with modern workflows.

Deliver sustainable and operational excellence

Streamline business support systems with AffableBPM end-to end solutions from managing student recruitment, improving student success, boost institutional performance, realize predictive analytics, manage facilities, and ensure student safety.

Improve employee experience

Provide new employees with quick and easy onboarding processes. AffableBPM automates the data entry process offering capabilities for e-signature and identification verification. The ability to quickly deliver devices and software enables employees to start work faster and centrally manage and store documents.

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Empower institutions to defend against complex cyber attacks

AffableBPM protects higher education institutional assets from cyber-crime while maintaining simplicity for users. Built on Azure, AffableBPM safeguards access to data and applications, manages policies and security requirements, streamlines identity management, and prevents unauthorized access to applications and devices.

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