How it works

An End-to-End Business and Contract Management Workflow Solution that is extremely easy to configure and setup

Business and Contract Management Software for Small Business to Enterprise

This easy-to-use and secure software allows you to customize your contract workflows. It gives alerts for contract deadlines, reviews, expirations, and more. It also provides 24/7 secure access to your contracts anytime, anywhere in the world.


Setup your workflows, data and users for quick integration into the system.

  • Configure templates
  • Import Record data
  • Add records and documents
  • Archive old data
  • Create sub detail data using customizable fields
  • Set -up data entry/input forms to start the record
  • Capture

    Use the different ways to store, migrate and search your data.

  • Scan new documents, integrated into the system
  • Run Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to search on document content
  • Upload or Drag and Drop files
  • Version Control enabled for all of your files
  • Continually add reoccurring entries for records
  • Redlining/Track Changes in Word to collaborate with review changes
  • Manage

    Effective management of your workflow, data and users.

  • Customizable workflow definitions without any coding knowledge
  • Processes are simplified, automated and configured for all of your workflow needs
  • Easy and powerful search options
  • Your documents may have any number of attached relevant documents
  • Automate and customize numbering of records
  • Workflow

    Efficient automation of business processes and document management to increase your productivity.

  • Processes are simplified, automated and configured to your organization’s best practices
  • Schedule driven through notifications and reminder alerts
  • Prompt for action or feedback from others
  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Report

    Analyze everything in one place to aid in making business decisions.

  • Create unlimited custom reports
  • Non-graphical dashboard reports for quick access to high-level views of your data
  • Save personal report views or share reports with others
  • Run saved reports on a schedule to keep up to date with system-generated notifications
  • Export to Excel, TIFF, CSV, PDF, Rich Text, and more
  • Securely Elaborate

    Security features to help keep your data safe and manage users.

  • Application is deployed in the secure in Microsoft’s secure Azure cloud
  • Deployment option has world-class security protections in place with multiple compliances attained, such as HIPAA and SOC compliance
  • Secure 2048-bit encrypted access for traditional Windows devices
  • User management for system users, external users, and external signatories
  • Full audit trail logs record every action that occurs at the record and document level
  • Tailor user management security to your needs, either simple or complex, across up to five layers of security
  • External users may be configured for highly restricted, explicitly granted access to record data for view or edit
  • E-Signature

    Collaborative, cost effective and expedited way of getting signatures from internal and external users.

  • Request electronic signatures on PDF documents to system users or external signatories such as third-party vendors
  • Request Signature from Multiple Recipients
  • Redirect Signature Requests to other users
  • The E-Signature module is an in-house implementation without any additional fees or downloads
  • Distribute

    Collaborate with your team from anywhere at any time.

  • Route to other users to gather their approval or comments
  • Simple or complex route system allows you to customize to fit your requirements
  • Review record changes and updates
  • Configurable system-generated and user-initiated e-mail notifications
  • Prompt for action on aging routing items
  • Assign delegates to take action on routing processes
  • Setup route as per the required order to get approvals or comments