Drive Human Resource Management Excellence

AffableBPM provides human resource departments an economical nimble solution to assist automating workflows, processes, and compliance management. AffableBPM will  improve the employee experience and drive higher employee productivity through modernizing the human resource department business processes.

Modernize Employee On-boarding

People are the core of business! New employees want to start work fast and not be bogged down with manual new hire processes and paperwork. AffableBPM automates the onboarding data entry process, offers capabilities for e-signature and identification verification, and quick delivery of devices and software. Providing an easy path to onboard new employees delivers quick work results, employee satisfaction, and higher employee retention.

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Save time Automating leave requests

Manually managing employee requests for leave can be prone to errors, time consuming, and out of date. AffableBPM through workflow automation allows employees to request, update, and manage leave requests. Modernizing leave request processes results in reduced errors, happy employees, and lowered costs.

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Automate Event Management and Deliver Successful Events

Managing an event can be costly if not properly planned, promoted and executed. AffableBPM automates the workflow processes required to manage an event start to finish. Pre-defined templates allow for online registration with remote meeting access embedded, donor management, setting up dates and reminders, volunteer management, real-time reports on payments, and other analytics. Transforming and automating event management safeguards event success.

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