Improve operations with customizable workflows and deliver results

Managing back office administrative tasks and modifying operational processes often results in IT work requests which slow down operational efficiencies. AffableBPM remedies this through deploying easy to use, customizable automated workflows. Users can quickly update forms, modify processes, access real -time analytics, and generate reports on the fly, all improving employee productivity.

Contract Management Made Easy

Many operations department teams today face several challenges to successfully manage the end to end life cycle of contract management. AffableBPM provides ease of use and visibility to centralize contracts, give timely notifications to meet contractual compliances, reduce paper usage, and provide data insights to make informed decisions.

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Automating Inventory Management Saves Money

Manually managing assets effectively can be difficult and often affects every area of the business while driving costs up. AffableBPM automates inventory management processes. Daily tasks such as overseeing product availability, managing inventory counts, product forecasting, and ordering products will be made efficient with real time data insights and reporting. Automating inventory management processes will significantly save time, lower costs, and increase revenues.

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Improving Vendor Management Delivers Value

Managing vendors can be costly because it requires a lot of processes. Building successful relationships, defining a selection process, managing vendor performance, and ensuring delivery expectations are met all can be cumbersome using manual processes. AffableBPM automates vendor management so organizations can focus on people, not process. Easy to use workflows reduce risks relating to vendors, sustain quality of work deliverables, and set standards to ensure compliance.

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