By Department​


Streamline business processes across organizational departments

AffableBPM solutions will advance your business to the next level! Regardless of department, we’ll help you easily automate key processes.


Improve operations with customizable workflows and deliver results
Managing back office administrative tasks and modifying operational processes often results in IT work requests which slow down operational efficiencies. AffableBPM remedies this through deploying easy to use, customizable automated workflows. Users can quickly update forms, modify processes, access real -time analytics, and generate reports on the fly, all improving employee productivity.

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Human Resources​

Drive Human Resource Management Excellence
AffableBPM provides human resource departments an economical nimble solution to assist automating workflows, processes, and compliance management. AffableBPM will improve the employee experience and drive higher employee productivity through modernizing the human resource department business processes. Modernize Employee On-boarding People are the core of business! New employees want to start work fast and not be...

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Modernize Legal Business Processes
AffableBPM automates your legal operational process workflows to streamline document management and approvals while reducing risk and maintaining compliance. Read More

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